1960 - Age of Post-Colonialism
By 1960, the unprecedented violence of the first half of the century had ebbed, replaced by the Cold War and threat of nuclear catastrophe. The vacuum left by European powers as they withdrew from their colonies instigated a global power grab as small nations sought autonomy but became proxies in a global strategic confrontation between Western and Soviet or Chinese ideologies. At the same time protest movements in the West called for an end to war, racism, and gender inequality. Powerful, entrenched conservative institutions such as the Catholic Church were transformed. The assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr., coupled later with Watergate, created a deep distrust for institutional authority. Artists responded by producing exceptionally thoughtful, original and provocative work that became increasingly global in its perspective.


  1. The Postwar Figure The Postwar Figure
  2. Pop & After Pop & After
  3. Minimalism & the Land Minimalism & the Land
  4. Process Art Process Art
  5. Conceptual Art Conceptual Art
  6. Postmodernism Postmodernism